Technical Parameters

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Die erste hochqualitativ ausgesuchte und zertifizierte Angora Faser


The first quality selected, certified angora fibre


Technical Parameters of the fibre


Breaking Strength

The measurement of the strength of the fibre is kg/mm2. The ewes have more than

30 kg/mm2 and are higher than the male. This is better than wool.


Elongation at rupture

The elongation at rupture depends on the elasticity of the fibre. It indicates how much percent the fibre can be stretched till it breaks. Angora fibre can be streched up to 30/40% of its own length.



Angora rabbit hair is one of the lightest fibres in the world with only 1,23 to 1,27 g/m3 density. Wool has 1,28 to 1,32 and cotton 1,53 to 1,55 g/m3.