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Die erste hochqualitativ ausgesuchte und zertifizierte Angora Faser


The first quality selected, certified angora fibre





Because of the very strong electrostatic charge of the angora fibre it has a pain releasing function in medical treatment, especially with joint- and muscle pains


The extreme heat retention of the fibre is caused through the air bubbles in the center channels of the fibres and through the sweat absorbing capacity. Angora rabbit hair is related to its weight 2 to 3 times better isolating than wool.


Angora fibres under the microscope


Cut through an angora fibre (source: AWOBA)


1st line: Duvet of the angora rabbit hair, usually around 11-14 micron, 1000times increased, well visible the air chambers


2nd line: Duvet of the angora rabbit hair 2000times increased, air chambers well visible with connections to each other’s


3rd line: Guard or coarse hair 1000times increased, the stiffness of the fibre originates from the triple row of the air chambers and the different structure of them