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Die erste hochqualitativ ausgesuchte und zertifizierte Angora Faser


The first quality selected, certified angora fibre


Caregora™ by NATURFASERN


The First Quality Selected, Certified - Angora fibre


NATURFASERN, a renowned German company passionate about sourcing precious natural fibres for the textile industry, and the leading angora specialist, presents Caregora™: the first selected and certified angora fibre worldwide.

Selected: A unique and innovative product which combines superior quality and performance, guaranteed to the highest levels of responsibility, care and socially conscious respect.

Caregora™ is indeed rooted in NATURFASERN’s extensive knowledge, experience and passion for the whole world of natural fibres, but always with an attentive eye on innovation and sustainability.

Caregora™ boasts remarkable qualities. The precious fibre equals the best noble qualities for its incredible warmth, and when blended with other fashion fibres, its angora halo is unmistakable. It is exceptionally functional and versatile, suitable for a wide range of attractive, high quality-textile and apparel applications.

Finer than cashmere, it is exquisitely soft, lightweight and delicate, and possesses the highest heat retention and best moisture-wicking properties of any natural fibre.

Certified: the uniqueness of Caregora™ goes even further beyond these premium practical features, because it is the first responsible and reliable angora fibre, whose care in husbandry and breeding works in total respect for both customers and animals, and is underpinned by guaranteed certification not just from the European standards (98/58/EC Directive of the European Community) on animal care and welfare, but also the brand and products comply to the “Animal Welfare Code of Recommendations for the welfare of livestock”, promoted by DEFRA (the British Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs). Added to this, the company, the Brand, the product and all its practices are certified by SGS (formerly Société Générale de Surveillance) is a multinational company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland which provides inspection, verification, testing and certification services. It has more than 85,000 employees and operates over 1,800 offices and laboratories worldwide.

The Caregora™ criteria of keeping and caring is founded on all these carefully judged guidelines, as to assure the quality of the these valuable fibres and the highest standards of husbandry and animal care.

The Caregora™ seal is a comprehensive quality warranty: it ensures a high performing natural product that is both innovative and responsible.

Furthermore, NATURFASERN’s production partners will be supported by promotional materials about Caregora™, such as labels, brochures and leaflets especially produced to make sure that its responsible quality is clearly perceived and guaranteed. Endorsing this branding policy is essential in order to certify the uniqueness and distinctiveness of Caregora™, an innovative natural product unique on a worldwide level.

Various brands have already chosen Caregora™ such as Medima GmbH, the world’s leading angora underwear producer.

Caregora™ builds on the NATURFASERN’s heritage of creating textile innovations that matter to customers, always ensuring high-performing natural fibres and guaranteed quality and responsibility.